Friday, November 30, 2012

Artistic Journey: A Little About Supplies

Altered art led me to creating canvas board pieces like these.
Of course, all these vintage images had me on a quest to find fun and useful items for my work. Here are some ideas for scoring some great materials for your artwork.

  • Canvas Boards and Label Tape: I found cheapest on ebay.
  • Punchinella (Sequin Waste) and lots of fun inexpensive items: SkybluePink 
  • Ephemera (or better known as papers and things for artwork): I have received a lot of great items through Free Cycle. When requesting items I simply ask for old hymn books, magazines, photographs, sewing boxes, etc. I have had the delight of getting 3 old sewing boxes full of amazing items for free through Free Cycle! For collage work that you intend to sell you do need to make sure that the item is free from copyright restrictions. 
  • My absolute favorite place to find copyright free images is Wikipedia Commons. Search for your favorite artists and topics and you may be delighted to find quality images that you can use in your work. 
  • Collections of copyright free images are also available on Flickr. Here is one source.
  • Dover Publications is a great source for purchasing copyright free images to use in your work but my favorite thing is their free samples that they offer every Friday.