Monday, January 28, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Whirlwind of Dreams and Opportunities

Since the Design Team announcement for Artistcellar, I have been quietly working on my pieces for my weekly contributions to their site.  I will have posts up both on their site and on my blog every Wednesday starting the first week in February.  I am utilizing their amazing collection of exclusive stencils.  Similar to the way I have used them in the background of this piece and each of my posts includes a tutorial.

At the same time, I started teaching Intricate Doodles at The Doris an art gallery in my town.  For the Intricate Doodles class, I am working to create a greater variety of colored pieces to teach my students how to use color in their work.  Both of these projects take time.  An intricate doodle like this one takes me about 15 hours.

I thought that the opportunity to teach and to work for Artistcellar was exciting enough and then The Doris requested that I submit pieces for a gallery show they are doing this weekend and for the month of February at the Florida Community Design Center in the Chamber of Commerce Building.  So, for the first time in my adult life, I have three art pieces in a gallery show.

The show opens with Artwalk this Friday night.  I am in the amazing company of the Artists' in Residence at The Doris and some of the other art teachers like my beautiful friend and Mosaic Artist Limor Ben-Naim Herb.  

As I spoke with Turbado Marabou, one of the incredible Artists In Residence at The Doris, he expressed interest in the Artistcellar stencils.  It was a surreal moment as my online art world and my local art world came together.  I will be sharing with Turbado the amazing line of Artistcellar stencils and I hope to discover his methods for using them in his work.

To say that I am amazed that all of this is happening at once is an understatement.  I am also extremely grateful for each of these opportunities to express myself through my art.  So, while I might be more quiet than normal, I am in my studio working away and bursting with excitement that I am able to participate in the art world both locally and online.  I am immensely grateful for your generous support.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finding Your Way Mandala

Finding Your Way Mandala
Created with Copic Fineliners, Copic Blender, Derwent Inktense Pencils and a Molotow Pen

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sun Rises in the South

I was quite moved by the sun rise this morning.  There was a layer of fog, as the sun rose just above the trees on the horizon line.  I dropped my daughter off and went back to the best view.  I only had my phone with me so I am thrilled that the shot came out this well.  I was glad when this man came along to walk his little Yorkie.  

This is a typical Southern view....a century old Oak dripping with Spanish moss, grass and sand sprinkled across the flat land and warmth even on a winter morning.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

My intentions for the year, illustrated. ♥

My intentions for the year, illustrated. ♥
My word for the year is ENJOY. I have included the definition of joy. On her legs and feet I have written: graceful, forward, free and unique as ways that I want to walk this year. I have emphasized enjoying love by making my heart visible. On my hands I have written praise and open. I want to use my arms to live with gratitude and to try new things. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Secret Revealed: Part 2

So, now you know that I am known for loud...what-is-her-problem-milk-is-coming-out-of-her-nose kind of laughter.  What you still may not know is where I am with the whole crying thing.

Yes, in my younger days I might have gotten misty eyed at movies, and moving characters in books, or at most funerals but over the years that side of me has dissipated, or maybe a better way of saying it is, it has dried up.  For the most part, my tears are gone.

Except...if you ask my parents, they probably would think you were talking about another person.  When I am really when the earth has suddenly shifted and what I thought I knew is no longer true...well, then the tears come in an unflattering jerking downpour of starts and stops while I try to tell my parents what is wrong.

My daughter has only seen me cry a few times and she says it still scares her when I cry.  My husband knows that whatever it is, I will find a way to cope with it in within a week or two so while he doesn't like it, he can handle it.

But, what is it about telling my parents about the things I didn't see coming that makes me such a mess?  I still care what they think.  I still want to do my best.  I still want them to be proud.

Which comes to the questions that have been bubbling up for me lately.  What happened to people caring about what their parents or families think?  Did we loose that when we added "reality" TV to our lives or when we became more technology driven as a culture?  I don't want people to live their lives for someone else, but doesn't it matter any more how what we do impacts those we love?  When did this not caring what the community thinks come into play and where is it taking us?

OK, enough of that.  Anyone heard any good jokes lately?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Humbled and Grateful!

Today, Artistcellar announced their Design Team.  I am humbled and grateful to be on that list with amazingly talented artists.

I know what I am looking for in these kinds of partnerships.  I want to work for a company I am proud to represent, I want to believe in the products and I want to enjoy my work. 

One of the reasons I was drawn to Artistcellar is they have competitive prices and free domestic shipping for orders over $50.  They practice great customer care and for that I am grateful.

Another thing I enjoy about Artistcellar is their unique line of stencils.  Today, I worked with one of their large map stencils and my Gelli Arts plate and created this page in celebration of this amazing opportunity.

I would love to be able to see the artwork you have created with Artistcellar products.  I have added a link widget to the left side of my page where you can add links to your work.  Please post your links so we can all enjoy your artistic creations!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Secret Spilled

It is hard to tell over the internet that I like to laugh.  You might know me in real life and still not know my secret.  However, if you really know me, you will know that I have a loud and easy laugh.  The kind of laugh that gets me shushed or makes milk come out of my nose or hurts my sides.  The kind of laugh that causes people to turn around and see who I am.  This side of me is most obvious when days have been hard and it is time to be with those I trust and love and let off some steam.  This process comes naturally with my family.  It is a ritual of sorts.

When we were growing up and had family meals, we would often spend the meal laughing.  My father would sit at the head of the table with a small grin and occasionally shake his head.  My mother and I have a very similar funny bone and we would have trouble eating anything because we were so busy laughing.  My brother always had a way of getting mom laughing.  When I was a child, I was jealous of his ability.

The truth is my brother is a natural comedian and it is fun to watch his children learn from him and develop their own timing and brand of comedy.  I was with my brother's family last weekend and was enjoying my niece who is in the 2nd grade.  We were looking at books and for some reason I told my niece that I think her dad is very funny.  She asked, "How long have you thought that?"
I said, "Most of my life."
She replied with great animation, "It is sad to think about someone living their whole life with such delusions."
(I could not believe she came out with that line and her timing was perfect!)  
My reply was, "It is obvious that you are funny, too!"
As if she was relieved she said, "Well then, you aren't completely delusional!"  I about lost it...
My niece is on the left. 

In my family, these jokes can go by with very little fan fair..we giggle or smile and then the next subject is brought up and off we go in that direction.  The child is funny, we know that, we love it, we are used to it, next story.  The truth is, we shouldn't take all of this for granted.

A laugh on a hard day can change everything.  It can change the mood of a room or a life, offer hope, insight and wisdom.  Humor can change our body chemistry from "Fight or Flight" to higher order thinking in the blink of an eye.   We need to laugh.  We need to relax.  We need to enjoy life.

So, today...I celebrate those who make us laugh.  Won't you join me in looking for the funny moments in life?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trying Out New Stencils!

A few weeks ago I won a gift of stencils from Pam Carriker's blog.  In this art journal page I got to use these stencils for the first time.  I also used my Gelli Plate, Silks Acrylic Glazes, waters soluble crayons, Copic pens, and Sakura Souffle pens.  Thank you so much Stecil Girl Signature Stencils and Pam Carriker!