Sunday, January 6, 2013

Secret Revealed: Part 2

So, now you know that I am known for loud...what-is-her-problem-milk-is-coming-out-of-her-nose kind of laughter.  What you still may not know is where I am with the whole crying thing.

Yes, in my younger days I might have gotten misty eyed at movies, and moving characters in books, or at most funerals but over the years that side of me has dissipated, or maybe a better way of saying it is, it has dried up.  For the most part, my tears are gone.

Except...if you ask my parents, they probably would think you were talking about another person.  When I am really when the earth has suddenly shifted and what I thought I knew is no longer true...well, then the tears come in an unflattering jerking downpour of starts and stops while I try to tell my parents what is wrong.

My daughter has only seen me cry a few times and she says it still scares her when I cry.  My husband knows that whatever it is, I will find a way to cope with it in within a week or two so while he doesn't like it, he can handle it.

But, what is it about telling my parents about the things I didn't see coming that makes me such a mess?  I still care what they think.  I still want to do my best.  I still want them to be proud.

Which comes to the questions that have been bubbling up for me lately.  What happened to people caring about what their parents or families think?  Did we loose that when we added "reality" TV to our lives or when we became more technology driven as a culture?  I don't want people to live their lives for someone else, but doesn't it matter any more how what we do impacts those we love?  When did this not caring what the community thinks come into play and where is it taking us?

OK, enough of that.  Anyone heard any good jokes lately?