Friday, December 7, 2012

Artistic Journey: ATCs and Swaps

As I said, from photography I ventured into creating Scrapbook pages and from that I found my way into Altered Art. Altered Art opened up a whole new window for me as one needs a lot of little items to put into collage work. So, being the thrifty person that I am I used the free resources I posted about earlier and I began participating in swaps.
Swaps are brilliant ways of sharing goodness with others while adding to your own art supplies. I participated in all kinds of swaps and have only been let down once or twice but was overjoyed repeatedly.
Participating in swaps led me to creating Artist Trading Cards which are baseball card size pieces of art that you trade with other artists. I have a brilliant collection of artwork created by artists around the world through my participation in ATC swaps.
The three ATCs that I have shared with you here are a representation of the hundreds of ATCs I have created and shared.